8 Children…


“It’s like…

…sweeping back the ocean with a broom…It’s awesome, exciting and infinite.”


Brian Holloway


There is a place that exists – way past overwhelm and exhaustion.

2.                   Lift arms up,  if belly shows,  shirt too short.

3.                   Mom & Dad are from the 70’s,  you can’t shock them.

4.                   You can be asked to leave at all you can eat buffets.

5.                   Dad does not have to remember all the names.

6.                   Count kids at rest stops.

7.                   Encourage them to be self-starters,  initiators and leaders.

8.                   Reward, acknowledge and celebrate performance.

9.                   Stress is a point of view.

10.               Talk through disconnects before stepping into anger.

11.               Everything is a total team effort.

12.               There is always at least one child who is not listening.

13.               Older kids do not eat until the younger kids have their food.

14.               Yes you can have diaper pail for 22 years.

15.               It’s not OK to quit.

16.               10 ipads are expensive.

17.               Braces are even more expensive.

18.               Identify their gifts – that’s the pathway to strengthen everything else

19.               No locked doors in house.

20.               It’s possible to be so right – you’re wrong.

21.               2 gal milk, 1 gal OJ, 2 dz eggs,  2 lbs bacon, 2 loaves toast, 2 dz pancakes = 1st breakfast.

22.               Forgive fast.  

23.               Ask for forgiveness faster.

24.               Sweatshirt hoods hide headphones.

25.               Washing dishes by hand is faster.

26.               No 10 minute showers.

27.               Boyfriends must spend a day working with Dad, one on one.

28.               Don’t act shocked!  Remember you grew up in the 70’s. 

29.               When mom goes on vacation, kids become Dad’s laundry SWAT team.

30.               2 hours.   World record for Dad doing 24 loads of total laundry mat domination.

31.               Planning session and scheduling is a must.

32.               When your shorts are twisted in knots.   Start over.

33.               Teach them the power of prayer.

34.               Friends that sleep over do chores too.

35.               Cold ice water solves the boyfriend/girlfriend couch issue.

36.               Celebrate each other.

37.               Watching TV = folding clothes.

38.               No mall shopping.  Outlets = Malls.

39.               Lunch money $400/week.

40.               Match 1000 pairs of socks takes one movie.

41.               GI party = clean the house.

42.               Fastest GI party = 20 minutes.

43.               The gift is in the chaos, energy and excitement.

44.               Slammed door = removed.

45.               1 glass of wine solves 50% problems. 

46.               You will not finish a sentence.

47.               “5 boys are easier to raise than 1 girl  Tammy.

48.               You are not going to solve it all.

49.               Girls bathroom.  Boys bathroom.  Mom’s bathroom.

50.               A.D.D is a gift of creativity,  excitement and  ingenuity.

51.               O.C.D is capabilities and leadership.

52.               Your kids do not want to sit next to you on the airplane.

53.               It’s impossible to get anything past Mom.

54.               Yes 10 people can live in the same house.

55.               Someone is always upset about something.

56.               Split leadership thinking to best hours.   I’m early morning.  Tammy late night.

57.               Caitlyn will always be late for the school bus.

58.               Do not go to sleep angry.   Get it resolved.

59.               Yes boys use mixing bowls for cereal.

60.               By the time you fill 20 washers at laundry mat – the first load is done.

61.               Mom gets all the final decisions on scheduling.

62.               It’s impossible for a man to outthink a woman.

63.               Cars well cared for will go 200,000 miles.

64.               Home is a Hoochie-mama free zone.

65.               You can order 100 Tacos at Taco Bell.

66.               One child is going to the doctor every week.

67.               ADHD don’t know what it is but someone’s probably got that too.

68.               Teenagers can get out of bed by 8 am on the weekends.

69.               Accept the fact that you will not get Wendell to txt back.

70.               Add 25% water to all juice drinks.

71.               Annoy your teenagers by talking to their friends.

72.               Take anger out of the overwhelm   step back,  find a solution.  It’s there.

73.               5400 cell phone minutes =  average Girl friend/boyfriend make up/break per child.

74.               Yes 5 boys can eat 5 boxes of cereal at their first breakfast.

75.               75% of all breakdowns are due to fatigue.  

76.               Dad loses cars at airports.

77.               After school sports are a requirement.  

78.               The only time everyone is asleep is 3am.

79.               A loaf of French toast is not enough to feed 5 boys.

80.               Most important word to teenagers – NO.

81.               12 cell phone strategy.   (2 phones are lost, washed, broken, every month)

82.               Chores – crucial. 

83.               Consequences – immediate.  

84.               Laughter – requirement.

85.               A Myth – a low key,  laid back day where everything goes exactly as planned.

86.               Look for the quiet one who is hiding in the excitement, energy and chaos.

87.               Call  credit card company before buying 32 pairs of shoes.

88.               Boys eat 6 times a day.   BigJohn gets 3 lunches at school.

89.               2 Washers.  2 Dryers.  Non-stop.

90.               You become who you don’t forgive.

91.               Solve the $250.00 movie theater dilemma --  home theater room.

92.               $90 at McDonalds is reckless – cook good fast meals at home.

93.               5 carts of groceries at Sams Club is $1250.00 give or take.

94.               7 horses, 3 dogs, 2 Iguana’s,  3 gold fish,  is insane.

95.               An escaped pet python can hide in your house for 3 years.

96.               Student loans motivate and inspire.

97.               A grocery cart of food will be eaten during the unloading process